Minding your business.

Before I start with today’s post, I have good news. So today I went to a different fruit stall to buy another watermelon. And behold children of God, it was ripe, ok and tasted great.

it had a lot of seeds sha. I just can’t seem to win with watermelons

Ok, back to the topic for today.

Mastering the art of minding your business is great. Focusing on things that concern you, investing your energy in yourself comes with its blessings and saves you from a lot of trouble.

Now what I want us to think about today, is when does the “minding your business” become a terrible and bad attitude. A lot of bad/sad things happen in our society today because everybody is all about minding their business.

A handful of people do not interfere or report to the rightful authority when they know about or witness domestic violence. When a child does the wrong thing or is been naughty nobody calls the attention of the parent because we are all about minding our business. People are shunned and told not to report a cheating spouse to their partner’ because e no concern you’. We watch our friends and close relative fall into the hands of fraudsters because we won’t tell them what to do with their money, its not our business.

These are few scenarios I stated. Now dear reader where do you say we draw the line between minding our business and Not minding our business.

How we wan take do this thing. Because las las e go concern all of us one day.

Comment below your thoughts and do not forget to share.

4 thoughts on “Minding your business.”

  1. We can always talk to the right people but when they show us that they don’t want our opinion then I guess we can let them do what they think is right but Concerning the children we shouldn’t allow them to do things that are wrong without saying anything.
    the children we fail to take care of today will oneday be the problems that will hunt us and the nation.


  2. Minding your business in my own view has to do with the situation at hand. There has to be critical thinking and observation of the situation at hand and the parties involved. This would guide you in your decision making to either speak out, or allowing the situation slide (minding your business). Another great factor affecting this topic is Societal differences.


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