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The biggleman’s safe.

The biggleman’s safe is an hypothetical cryptography scenario from the book Digital fortress by Dan Brown, of whom I am a huge fan of.

The biggleman safe is about a safe builder who decided to make an unbreakable safe. How is this possible you may wonder, so I will tell you.

First, to build anything in life you need a plan. So the safe builder wrote blueprints for the safe. Then he built the safe. Anyone at this point will be thinking but there are blueprints, and whoever found the blueprints can break the safe. This, the safe builder knows, so after building the safe he locked the blueprints inside! There by, keeping the unbreakable safe blueprints inside the unbreakable safe, the safe remains unbreakable forever.

Now, there are certain things be it Emotions, Life plans, Relationships, Investments, Faith and Religion, e.t.c. That you need to keep safe in an unbreakable safe. When you plan on how to go about protecting things that matters to you, you need not to tell the world the details most times. Build that strong safe and keep the blueprints in it that way it remains safe for a very long time.

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