Life talks

A letter of hope.

Dear reader,

To be alive in 2020, is already a win. Some days back I received a mail from a firm I do freelance writing for saying due to the pandemic there was no more work and the firm was shutting down. I was sadden by this news because I thought about others that solely depended on jobs like this to for a living.

How are they surviving, how are things going for them at the moment. I can only hope they find a solution to this questions. I write you this letter to let you know that you are not alone. This to shall pass.

I was supposed to write my finals this month but here I am typing on my “blog”. Do I feel sadden by this? Truthfully yes but you know what they say. If there is life, then there is hope.

When you become overwhelmed by all things happening around you , always remember you are not alone. Someone, somewhere is praying and wishing you well.

Always remember:

You are strong, You are brave and you shall overcome

If you need someone to talk to you can contact me with the information at the contact page or down below at the comment.

As a typical Nigerian would say, Las Las we go dey alright. God no go shame us.

Everyday I write you letters of hope in my heart.

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