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You have changed..

There are different definitions to the phrase “You have changed”. Going through what individuals define the phrase You have changed to be on the internet that of Nikhil Siva on Quora makes more sense to me. He stated, it simply means you have stopped living your life their way. He went further to explain that this phrase or comment usually arise due to a mismatch of the mental image of a person and the real person itself.

Every person gets to hear this phrase at least once in a while, which result to self doubt or questioning.

You have changed is a comment that can either make you or break you. So before you take such comments to heart there are a few things you should consider.

  1. The person its coming from; People closest to us notice even the slightest change so consider the person. Is this person someone you look up to, someone that clearly understands you? or is this person some one you use to hangout with. Moving on or growing is bound to separate us from people thus having them see the change in us .
  2. Ask what type of change they mean; Is it a positive change or a bad change. And if they cant place what type it is. Take it as a good change.
  3. Ask yourself, have I really changed? At the end of it all, only you can choose for you. Inquire in yourself and if yes you have changed, next ask yourself if its a positive change or not.

Attention should be paid to the/your answers. If your changes are good and productive, keep up the good work and do not let anyone make you feel a certain negative way for your growth. However if it’s the opposite you should work on it.

Change they say is constant, so do not be afraid of change. We all can’t be the same persons we were months ago. Be inspired to be more. So grow, go through all the changes you need in life to be a better person.

Inspiring piece from O.R.A.

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