Write ups/ Poetry

In the quest for Perfection,

Hello reader, I hope you are well. Going through my document I came across write ups and poem authored by my friends and I. You see, we have a thing for words and writing, and every other week we share materials amongst ourselves. So enjoy this category and expect more.

Photo credit; that_Idoma_geh

In the quest for perfection

In want of more

Through the greed of the inner man

The weight of rights and wrongs falls and rises

Within us

In the quest to be more, fighting God becomes a plan

Clouded judgments, as the mind try to connive strategies

With every failed attempt we crack a little

Fate and destiny is no excuse

In the quest to be more, joining forces with powers unseen

We keep pushing to the brink of madness

At the end we are more broken than we were

Chained by the consequences of our actions

Desolate with no allies in site

Filled with regret and loneliness

And just like Lucifer, we become nothing

But a fallen angel filled with resentment.  


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