My big pink mask 😷

Resuming college after about 5months came with mixed feelings and new rules .

These rules are , wearing a Mask is mandatory , temperature inspection at the entrance of the school and hand sanitizing .. All in line with the guidelines to control and prevent spread of COVID-19 amongst students.

Getting a washable mask was a hassle , as I couldn’t get any and buying a disposable mask daily is not economical.

I complained about this and my friend said why not make one and that I did .. The DIY spirit in me came around and I made a weird looking big face mask 😂. Well atleast it serves its purpose and that’s that .

This brought a thought to me.

Dear reader , if the world won’t give you what you want, give it to yourself .

And sometimes all you need to get what you want is inside you ✨🦋.


To get all you need and want in life, you have to stay healthy. So I present to you JJS mixed grain cereal . Made with 8 wonderful and nutritious ingredients.

JJS mixed grain cereal .

Order yours today by visiting their page on Instagram @JJS mixed grain cereal or call them with the contact below

Get yours today ✨✨

4 thoughts on “My big pink mask 😷”

  1. “if the world won’t give you what you want, give it to yourself ” couldn’t agree more! More often than not, it’s impossible to find exactly what you want already made for you that’s why I am a big fan of DIY as well! Also, that mask looks so cool! Well done ♥

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