Nigerian Fish Pepper Soup

To prepare the perfect Nigerian pepper soup, the key lies in the spices and herbs added to it.

To prepare fish pepper soup you will need Fish, obviously. Now fish in Khartoum metropolis is expensive and as a student its not something you can fit into your budget regularly. But there are local markets where it is sold cheaper. One of such local market is souk hajj yusuf, (souk means market) so come along and lets buy some fish.

The view of the river Nile is beautiful at this time because its the raining season. Now I am not an expert when it comes to buying fish, so I have just three things I look out for. It should be clean, fresh and should not contain a lot of bones..

This is hajj Yusuf fish market where the fish are sold by weight. The fishes are kept fresh using ice and saw dust soaked in water. A symbiotic setting can be observed in the market as close to every stall is someone who will scale and gut the fish if need be for a little pay. Two random boys selling their cellophane bags, were curious as to why I was taking pictures and I asked if they wouldn’t mind I take theirs and they agreed. You will agree with me they have beautiful smiles.

Other things like food stuffs, vegetables and livestock are also sold in the market.

After buying the needed fish, its time to go back home. Taking picture of street food is gradually becoming a thing for me.

Back to the recipe


Fish, spices and herbs, seasoning, onion,garlic.


Wash fish, add in spices( I used black pepper, chili, ginger, cloves, curry), add in herbs ( I used bay leaves and thyme), add seasoning to taste. cook until done. (cooking time; 20-30mins). I miss using “tatashe”. It is a type of pepper that add flavor and gives bright colors to meals.

I saw this tailor shed at the market and I though it was a pleasing sight. Have a great weekend people.

Note. This is a local market, so it won’t be all shinning and glossy.

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