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Sightseeing 1.

WHO (World Health Organization) have warned that there is no going back to the “old normal” we have a new normal now which involves wearing masks, social distancing, sanitizing and reporting to the rightful authorities is you don’t feel well.

Well, be it that the old normal is “over” , most areas or part of the world are adjusting the new normal following the passed quarantine. Such area is where I live by now you know where I live lols. In Khartoum Sudan thing are gradually falling back in place as schools are resumed, malls opened and of course places of worship.

Going back to church after five months was great and somewhat refreshing as I got to see the sight I enjoy on my way to church and fellowship with my fellow brethren.

Here are pictures of these sights. Happy sightseeing.

First the bus stop. It is less crowded on weekends.

The old train station, that functions occasionally. I really enjoy watching the train pass by every Friday at around 12ish pm.

An old building that looks abandoned. I do not know the story behind this building but was told it belonged to a university.

And finally, An optical shop that has an amazing mini garden at the front with beautiful flowers.

Are you adjusted to the new normal yet?

Are still hoping we can go back to the old normal?

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