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The White Rose flower

It’s the first for me.

As a Nigerian geh (girl). Getting flowers is strange and weird.

But I got a Rose flower . For the first time .

You guessed right, I didn’t know how to react or what to say . So I said Thank you. Weird I know,

A white rose flowers conveys a strong and deep message of hope, respect, and love. It conveys the purity of that love and deep respect.

While this sounds like a girl’s dream come true, I didn’t really feel that way .

Because I for one , is not a fan of plucking flowers as a sign of love as they will eventually wither.

But this I accepted. Placed in a vase of water and watched it wither as days passed by .

I got flowers for the first time .

And the offer, I had to decline.

Truth be told , I was a little depressed because it’s not everyday you find a tall handsome gentle man with flowers to offer 😉 .

Why I declined is story for another day .

But I just wanted to tell you dear reader, I got flowers for the first time and now I am very sure I do not like receiving them .

As they wither and this makes sad .

Makes me think about how nothing lasts forever.

For even this love professed with this flower will one day wither away 🥀.

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