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Let’s make ice tea..

For this ice tea I will be using

🦋 Tea bags (you can use any flavor of choice )

🦋 Lime

🦋Sugar to taste

🦋Hot water


1.Boil water .

2. Pick your tea bags . I will be using cranberry apple and strawberry.

3. My jug has an infuser container so I put everything (lime and tea bags) in the infuser then into the boiling water .


1.Always make sure your glass can handle hot water . As some glasses crack when hot liquid is poured inside .

2. You can make this in a pot or container , strain before pouring into a jug or container to refrigerate.

4. Let it sit for like 10-20mins,take out the bags and lime ,add sugar to taste and refrigerate until chilled .

Now that I have given you the easiest ice tea recipe (as I have a lot which I will share later). Make some rest,relax and enjoy. The process of steeping tea bags tells us a lot about life .

Sometimes we need “hot”,hard times to bring out the best in us . Don’t see every hard or bad situation as the end of you .

Always try steeping yourself in it and maybe just maybe, something good will come out of it .

Sending you love 💗.

Ever yours,


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