Life talks

Just a little love

Just a little love.

A small act of kindness

It is like watering a dying plant

A bright smile can brighten another’s day

A little act of kindness like bringing a cup of coffee ☕️ for someone

A honest compliment

A little motivational note

A short phone call to let them know someone cares

Just a little love and care can go a long way

Do not undermine a simple act of love or kindness, you can save a soul with it .

Remember the neglected plant from my post Negligence? If not you can brush through it by tapping on “Negligence”.

They were dying 🦋🦋

But then I thought , why not spread kindness ? I started to water them every morning and I am happy with the results.

They are back , greener, fresher with new germinations🌱
Notice the new life springing forth?

This should encourage you that kindness never fails, spreading love too. Be a child of light.

Spread kindness ✨🦋.

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