Write ups/ Poetry

Inhuman …


Certain event and occurrences have made me ponder on the word “inhuman”. Because as humans there are certain things like “empathy” that’s should be exhibited but in these past few days. I have witnessed the opposite both from people I know at arms length and those I consider “close”.

How do you ask human things from a non human?

For you see they are just like the zombies we see in the movies

The undead

They have no heart or soul

For they have sold it to the devil

How do you ask a non living entity to be humane?

For you see they just like the Robots we see in the movies

Self programmed for human annihilation

They have no stop button

For they have programmed theirselves not to stop until the goal is achieved

How do you ask the fallen angel to shine again

For you see it has replaced it’s halo for horns

And it’s wings for a trident

It won’t stop until it’s all dripping with blood and it’s bottomless pit of emptiness and greed be filled .

How do you ask a non human to be human.

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