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It’s my birthday 🎉 today


Another cycle completed

Another year gone

A new age they say.

In the past you got happy when you get a year older .

Maybe it’s the cake, the unusual love you get, the parties or just the childish idea that you are getting closer to the grownups table 🤦🏽‍♀️

But now,

There is a little sense of panic that comes with getting older

All the expectations from the world .Expecting you to be a proper functioning “adult”

For me this birthday is special!

Because I get the chance to do it differently and be happy

For me, this is my new year,

Happy birthday, my spirit said, be kinder to yourself .I don’t know what that means .But I will figure it out🦋

It’s my birthday today and I am happy to witness it because I have seen dark days .

And I have triumphed in the name of the Lord .

And in God’s name will I set up my banner , for he will fulfill all my petitions …(ps.20:5 paraphrased)

It’s my birthday today..

A happy birthday to the oldest version of myself yet. We will do great things .

A happy birthday to everyone 🦋.

I think I do not have a choice but to like fresh flowers now …

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