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Choosing your battles wisely…

Choose your battles they say, this is something I have heard over an over again as a child. As my parent will say some battles are for the Lord .

And I would watch dramas or event and hear someone say “it’s not even worth fighting for”.

Now what is worth fighting for depends on individuals as we see the worth of things differently.

Scrolling through my Instagram (which for some certain reason I can’t seem to like anything for months now)..I came across this story on a medical page ..MAN STABBED IN THE EYE OVER A PARKING SPOT.

You can check the story out on Instagram at medschoolposts or just read the summary below .

So this man, a 47year old was stabbed in the eye during an argument with another fellow over a parking space at a shopping center.

The man was rushed to the hospital ,and sadly an X-ray scan conducted showed the knife passing through his left eye and also a small bit in the right.

Health workers were able to remove the knife from his eyes. Saved his life and his right eye ..

Yes His life and his right eye, as sadly he lost the left eye.

P.S✨During this whole ordeal he was in a stable medical condition. Which means he wasn’t in a near death situation.

Reading this story made me ask myself, is a parking spot worth fighting over? He could have easily or painstakingly looked for another spot.

Was this particular spot worth his left eye?

If he had paused to analyze the situation would he still have chosen this fight?

Again I mean who brings a knife to a parking spot fight .lols

Dear Idomageh blog readers. Choose your battles wisely , there are dangerous people out there who would not mind harming you over trifle things .

And if you are the type of person who bring a gun to a fist fight .. Change.

Rethink your decisions, steps and actions because they can change a persons life forever ..

See you all at the next post..

Season greetings

Season greetings 🎄 🦋

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