Life talks

Positive vibes ..

Happy New Year 🥳.

How are you adjusting to the new year? For me? Well I am still making the silly mistake of writing 2020 when writing dates🤦🏽‍♀️..

I am so glad and grateful I get to start this new year with a positive and happy post..

As a child until now, cause well I am still a child , I grew with a prayer my mum always made, a prayer that I never really related to until today ..She will say Dear Lord help us put a smile on someone’s face today, even if it’s a stranger.. And we all answer amen …😊

Ignore the date on my tab..too lazy to set it Lols 🙃

⏮Backward, to this morning, as I returned from my coffee break I saw a lady sitting down using her surface pro tablet , it had a beautiful cover and I decided to “spread positive vibes”, so I complimented her tablet cover and told her I have the same tablet , then we got talking .

Into our conversation about how we love our surface pro, and the updates we think are necessary,I mentioned how I haven’t been able to get a battery for my pen (due to the embargo, shipping stress and money exchange rate where I live).

And she gave me a knowing smile and said ;

Here take mine ,I have an extra at home ..


I never knew I could get so emotional over something so little or tiny ..

Pen paired and working fine 💯…

I ask myself, this joy is it from getting this battery or the act of kindness I just experienced?

Getting back to my studying station with this big smile on my face I pondered on how this lady and I never knew we would meet today .

I thought about how she put a smile on a strangers face “me”. And how I won’t forget her in a long time 🙈..

We didn’t even share names or phone numbers . It was just an encounter and that was it. We might never meet again . We might . But I am grateful I meet her today .

Another thing is.

If I had not complimented her tablet cover, I won’t have this battery with me ..

So people, spread positive vibes. Make someone smile …

Good vibes only

Tis a new year… Do something positive 🥳.

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