Life talks

Morning thoughts 💭

These are the few thoughts I had this morning .

I like to use the early hours of the morning to talk to God, as the calm and quietness put me at ease and helps me concentrate in spirit.

After my moments with God. I took my phone 🙈, went straight to Instagram to check on a lady and her story I was and I am following .

I wouldn’t be able to talk about it since she has sold all rights to a big gossip blog. Either way I am sure some of you have seen the story of a lady who used a very strong glue to lay her hair and edges and can’t get it off now .

A lot of individuals like myself I believed followed her because they genuinely cared and wanted to know the progress on things regarding her situation as she came on the internet to look for help.

Few days later, She stopped posting updates regarding her situation and only talked about how celebrities and big brands are reaching out to her . Thanking her followers for support. A few people complained about how she left them in the dark whilst they were honestly worried for her, and looking for possible solutions.

Going through the comments , a certain lady said she sold the pictures and videos to a gossip site and if you want to see them you have to visit the blog .

At first, I didn’t know what to feel. The old me would have just criticized her and move on . But then I asked myself what if she needed the money?

What if she just needed a win in this whole situation of hers, with the possibility of loosing all her hair , she really does need a win. And if making profit off it will do, again why not ?

I asked myself , did she think of the little community that now care about her situation?

Maybe she did , maybe she didn’t that we can never know. I felt a little betrayed,as to why she would give exclusive rights to such a thing that many people genuinely cared about (sounds silly and makes no sense .I know). Then again it’s her story and she can do whatever she wants with it .

One thing I have learnt in 2021 thus far is, “Individuals will take actions, do things that will make you unhappy, make you feel hurt, make you uncertain about things , make you feel betrayed but that doesn’t mean they are bad people, or their actions are not justified”

I am learning to manage expectations, and not to hurt myself. To see the positive side to things and not over analyze ( which is hard for an over thinker)

I am learning to see above what you are feeling and to look at a situation without emotions as it clouds judgement then revisit it again with emotions and try to balance it . Something new I learnt 🦋

In the quest of shedding the old me away I have also come to learn that I need patches and pieces of my former self. And I did what the old me would do.

I unfollowed her, like many others as there would be no need following her since she wouldn’t be updating her followers. We could all go to the blogs.

Now it’s her story she did what she wanted (this is arguable) and made some individuals mad,some sad, some pissed , she made some loose the little faith they had left in humanity (with certain things she started saying or doing )and lost followers and people who were really worried for her . Will this bother her? Again we can’t tell .

This brought me to my final thought on this issue, as I steep my tea. You can do whatever you want, whatever make you happy, that doesn’t mean people have to accept or put up with it . So to say there are “consequences for every action”

I read a Twitter post that states, the reasons behind your actions are explainable but not excusable.

Whatever actions, I/you will be taking, always think about the outcome.

For now, on expressing my emotions and how I feel on things. I am keeping the old patch on. Until, I find a better way .

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