The making of this Basbousa.

IBasbousa, is a sweet treat made from semolina originating from the turkey. Had it the first time sometimes in 2016 and has been my go to whenever I need me a Turkish treat .

As a Nigerian , I only know semolina yo be used for three things . Ona and masa and semolina pancakes .

Therefore the first time I tried to make it was a disaster , so I asked a friend if she had a better recipe and she tagged me on an Instagram post . It was a very easy recipe.

Ingredients I used for my portion

0.6cup of Semolina

0.3 cups Sugar,salt,vanilla

1Eggs, 2tbsp of vegetable Ghee or butter

1/2teaspoon of Baking powder, 110gram of Yoghurt

2tbsp of Powdered milk ,cream

Had to get some ingredients.

Four easy steps ;

Mix all dry ingredients together.Semolina,powdered milk,sugar,baking powder,vanilla powder,

Add in liquid ingredients, yoghurt, ghee,egg,cream . Whisk well and make sure there aren’t any clumps

Added some coconut flakes , because I can 🦋😌

Bake for about 30mins (time depends on your quantity and oven heat )

Next we make the syrup. Bring water to boil and add sugar. Stir until for about 5minutes.Pour into baked basbousa and let it soak .

Slice and enjoy 🦋

Just chilling at the balcony because, my college really don’t want to let go 🦋🦋😭

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