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What is your purpose ?

No, I am not going to bore anyone with motivational speeches, not really a fan of the aspire to acquire, it’s all in you stuff .

This is just one of those early morning thoughts 💭. I got a call at morning, from an old acquaintance requesting me to go to her school and get her some documents as she is no more in the country .

She is not the first person to make such request.

I get a lot of requests like this, and I ask myself why me. Why do “people” believe I will accomplish the mission or their request? Some only come to me when other persons have failed to meet their need.

What if I fail or I don’t do it .

I decided for the first time to ask why. So I called her back, and asked why me ? She said because I feel you are dependable and will always deliver .As a Nigerian I replied Na you sabi meaning You know best with a sincere thank you.

In church some few weeks back, the preacher asked why did God create you? And that question have been lingering in my mind since then .

What is my purpose to these individuals ? To be dependable?

Personally I don’t think I am. As I have failed in a lot of situations, relationships, errands, circumstances, discussions,confrontations,self journeys e.t.c.

So while I still look for answers to these questions I will leave you with this food for thought.

Food for thought : what’s your purpose ?

I have been playing an extreme sport of late and will tell you about it soon . Lol

8 thoughts on “What is your purpose ?”

  1. It’s wonderful when people start asking ‘big’ questions…only then will the journey of searching begins… too many people just live out their lives like a routine until something like COVID shakes them out of their comfort zone… All the best in your quest. 🙏🏻😄🙏🏻

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