Life talks

Bad decisions

Hello. Longest time,

How have you been. Thank you for the emails , and concerns as I “disappeared”.Finally your girl is done with medical college, and I pray for a good result 🦋.

Taking a walk this morning I reflected on a lot that has happened in my life in recent times. Mostly on the bad decisions that I have made.

Now bad decisions range from putting an extra spoon of salt in a soup to not listening to God or your spirit .

Saying doesn’t make you a bad person .

I tried to ask myself what should I have done differently?

What should I have not done?

Why did I think I was smart enough to run certain projects and bonds?

And a simple answer came to me..

The magic word was ->NO.

The word No, would have saved me a lot of stress, anger,depression and a little sense of guilt.

I am a living testimony of God’s love. God has given me not just a second chance to live , but a lot of other chances.

Everyday I wake up and see the massive scar I have on my back. I am reminded that I have another chance to live ,another chance to retrace my steps, another chance to be humiliated but free.

Another step , i try to focus on is the feeling of guilt and forgiving myself. Talking to an old classmate about something she was going through. She clearly settled every score on the list but failed to forgive herself.

I was so quick to point that out. It’s funny , yes how quick we are to find the problem in others but not ourselves.

So, if you have not made the best of decisions in life, do not worry about it, or maybe do.

But do not worry forever. Fix your broken fence. It might take a while , it might be hard .

But I assure you. It’s worth it .

Good news. I got a tripod stand ( a whole new story I will be telling you about) so expect videos and short clips soon .

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