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Celebration,Celebrants, Celebrator.

Before I start, let me officially announce to you that I am now officially out of medical college.

Photo credit : Dr dallatu jr

The exam results came in, and I ran to my friend to show her as people looked at me on the street like a crazy person 🥲.. We all passed. God didn’t fail us ☀️.


Whilst in the middle of thanksgiving,appreciation and happiness. I decided to finally share some pictures, took a while to choose which ones to share and save for later.

Moments later, I decided to share on WhatsApp, the official pictures will be shared on Instagram and LinkedIn, you know what they say ; once it’s out there on social media it’s no more yours (lol).

My inbox was filled with a relevant amount of messages and calls but the number of screenshot and reposts on statuses outweighed the congratulatory messages.

This made me upset for a moment, as most individuals haven’t spoken to me in ages, they do not keep up with how I was doing, in regards to other aspects of this journey. And now I was seeing exaggerated captions on their status “my love we made it” “My baby girl , the beautiful and amazing, we go way back” a lot of extra and unnecessary love that wasn’t even shown to me personally, then I ask myself ,are they posting it for another person ? Or do they see as if it was somewhat for entertainment.

Why, do I now find myself on these statuses all of a sudden, without a message in my inbox?

The messages I got in my “inbox” were from classmates ,some family members and some consistent individuals that have been there , checking up on me , asking , encouraging me at different stages of my college years.

Photo credit: Dr kuchi

But, this morning I woke up at 4am (my body is still running on my exam schedule 🥲) and had a different look on these recent events.

People will want to associate themselves with your achievements and not really you ( I might be wrong ) people will want to share in that spotlight when you make it. At the time of struggle and hardships only a few will stay and be consistent.

Now let’s call this group the close and consistent ones , these set didn’t even upload these photos because I believe they know it’s not by “WhatsApp status”, a few that did kept it “classy and simple” with simple congratulations.

In times when you win, do not be carried away by fake love, remember those that stayed with you through thick and thin.

Not all that glitters is gold.🦋

people…..drum rolls please 🥁 It’s doctor now .

Dr Ebo Amutta aka Dr Amutta jr
Photo credit:doctor rose

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