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Idomageh Consult

Hi y’all, hope you good.

The weather here in Khartoum is scorching 🥵.

Anyhows, I was suppose to attach a video to this post and I confess I have failed to. From the shooting, my awkwardness/weirdness in it to the editing. To much for me to handle, as I keep practicing I will soon be dropping them.

This is a self promotion post,

Naturally or not, I am a buyer.

I love buying things. The market, haggling , exchanging and calculating money,reviewing product quality and the little conversation I exchange with other people gives me a sense of satisfaction. Realizing i do this well I took an advice From an unknown source and turned it into a business .

Whatever you are good at don’t do it for free


Our other services at the moment are ;

Content creation and reviews. You want ideas to better your projects , do contact us .

If you are a business man/woman with services to render, you can contact Idomageh consult and we are open to linking you to our clients that will be needing your services at a very affordable price.

Advertise your business here🦋

Lastly , I am practically an unemployed youth at the moment so help your girl🥺🦋☀️..

Thanking you✨.

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