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The subscription trap 🪤

Are you a subscriber?

Hi guys, sending you lots of love today’s. Today there is a video attached to this post. Yep clap for me it was a lot of work even if it ain’t perfect manage it .

Today’s topic is a life hack I learnt the hard way, an efficient way to cut back on spending and save money .



the action of making or agreeing to make an advance payment in order to receive or participate in something.

We pay for certain services on a weekly,monthly, or yearly basis and sometimes with busy schedules and other factors we do not use these services .

So here we are paying for services that we are not using or benefiting from .

Examples of such include newsletters, Entertainment platforms like Netflix, YouTube premium, Large internet subscription, iTunes etc.

These subscriptions do not cost much at the moment of payment but it’s cumulative total is something that will draw your attention.

So sit back today and take note of your subscriptions, unsubscribe from services you do not need and save yourself some money 💰.


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