Life talks

Good byes 🧚🏽‍♀️✨

When all our time together is finished. We would look back someday and the thought of the good old days will make you smile . Hopefully 🦋

Good morning, today I am feeling a bit under the weather . How are you? (Reply in the comments below).

Saying a final goodbye is something , I avoid. The goodbye that holds so much uncertainty. The goodbye that proves to us how we have no control over life.

arabi market, Khartoum Sudan

Taking a friend ,classmate or someone I have spent some time with to the airport, train station or motor park is something I have done only a few times, most of the time I do not go so I do not have to say the “final goodbye”,as I get so overwhelmed .

Why say goodbye, We will meet again people say

People leaving changes most relationships as long distance doesn’t favor connection , they experience life and it changes them , as it changes you so even when you meet later in life . The spark is not always the same .

In recent times , I have begin to let my emotions surface a bit and this is unhealthy to confess but life with suppressed emotions was easier and I have relapsed. This helps me cope with major life changes.

We meet to part


Part to meet


So yesterday,

A friend of mine and long time reading/studying partner was leaving and this meant two things :

  • We might never meet again
  • We might meet but we do not know when or how or under what circumstances.
  • When we meet, we might be two different persons from what we last knew

So we decided to have lunch together which we did and talked about our favorite times together ,the future ,shared business ideas,life and life plans.


After lunch there was this knowing silence between us and I suggested we get milkshakes from a close by place.

At the end of our time shared together, it was time to part ways, and it just occurred to me this morning, we never said goodbye.

It all ended with have a safe trip ,thank you ,I will text you and may God bless you .

As a Christian, when ever I am in such a position to say good bye the first thing that comes to my heart is Romans 12:18.

Photo by; that_Idoma_geh

Food for your heart; In all things live at peace with all. Do not part with venom, anger and hate in your heart .

On this public platform of mine . I Apologize to everyone I have offended or hurt. I apologize to those I did not meet at the airport, motor park or train stations.

I am not good at final goodbyes 🦋.

Do you believe in goodbyes? Tell us why

Do you think they are necessary .

Do comment below in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “Good byes 🧚🏽‍♀️✨”

  1. This has been suxh a poignant post for me – a family member has been takung from us through suicide and no goodbyes have been able to be said which hurts so much. It will not change the fact they left I know but getting to know the last time is the last time would have helped us so much especially in this pandemic when we’ve been restricted from touch and contact for so long already. Goodbyes are important. Thank you for this xx

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