Life talks

23•April•2021 ✨.


Hope you are doing well.

My weekend started out great, as I had an amazing Friday night. 🎉 but, here comes the but at the end of the day there was an uproar over a new bill signed by the medical council. I won’t go into details as that is not really the point 🦋.

The points are ;

Whilst others made me happy, organizing farewell parties, meetings and sleepovers, another set of people thought it was a great time to taunt me 😌.. LOL,

I received messages like “Na mumu dey read 6-7 year course” , “shebi you be wan cash out, no more money for you o”, “FG don say una no be doctors yet o”, “700 level loading for you”. Goes on and on 😌, most individuals will send you such messages as a “joke” but I am firmly against hurtful jokes (topic for Wednesday). I responded to these messages with it is well and changed the topic.

Shame to the devil as , he came late 😌, Prior to the messages I had already made some prayer request to my church and was prayed for . The requests stating that I needed strength to balance and adjust to this new chapter of life, to the uncertainties , I needed to be able to handle the questions thrown at me about my career and life in general.

Amidst all, I want to tell you today to be positive about your life . I am not the best person to preach this message,as I overthink things a lot.

However, I am learning;

  • To stop complaining
  • To stop crying victim
  • To stop making excuses
  • To look for the rainbow in every storm
  • To persevere
  • To be kind to my mental health
  • To apply minimum pressure on myself(well I have been doing this 🙃) I do not entertain stress.
  • To not pass anxiety to others
  • To not share negativity that might affect the mental health and being of others

In all things, if you cannot talk about a current matter or situation in the right way, if you do not have solutions , if you do not have a way of relieving anxiety and stress, please keep quiet .

Silence is also an action and it goes a long way .

Do not join others to pour sand inside your garri.

Protect your space.

Speak positively into your life .

Here is an old post, that encourages me. Hopefully it does same to you.

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