Life talks

Hurtful Jokes

You look so ugly ,

You remind me of the gorilla I saw at the zoo,

You so skinny like number 1,

You are intelligent for a pretty girl,

You are beautiful for a fat/skinny person,

I never expected you to graduate,

I just want to jump off a bridge,

Don’t take it seriously I am joking …

Hi , y’all.

Anyone ever told you something so hurtful you confronted them and they tried to brush it off as a joke?

Well, sincerely to them it might be a joke.

Some jokes are directed intentionally to cause pain to a person for the amusement of others .Hurtful jokes is can also be used to bully others.


However, some set of people get intimidated or scared that you have called them out for such harsh comments or words “jokes” so they try to dilute the situation with “chill I am just joking” or “can’t you take a joke?”


/jōk/ noun

a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline.

A joke is something that makes you laugh , a statement with good comedic humor.

A joke is a relatable banter.

A joke should not make you rethink , it shouldn’t make you feel pain or hurt .

A joke should not make you question yourself or worth.

A joke should not make you sad.

When you sense such pattern , address it immediately, do not give room for gas lighting as you are not uptight or a stuck up if something a person said hurts you or you can’t relate to “the joke”.

Listen attentively to jokes , for those who can’t confront you send subtle messages through “joking”

Do not laugh at hurtful jokes directed to others for you are only promoting bullying.

Listen to the jokes others make about themselves, for some it’s a coping mechanism to make jest of their insecurities and troubles as they feel it’s weight less.

And, once a person tells you they do not appreciate or like the kind of jokes you make about them or around them, be respectful to stop it and apologize.

If you want to call someone out , say it with your full chest (be bold about it). Do not disguise it as a joke .

Remember; BE KIND

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