Soya 🧀

Soya cheese popularly known as Awara or kwaidakwai in the northern part of Nigeria and as tofu in other parts of the world is made from SOYA BEANS OR SOY BEANS.

Soya beans as it is called where I come from is from the beans legume family . With a milky color and a smooth hard texture .

Soya beans is a nutritious and multipurpose asset to the world as many recipes and flavors are created with it . From its cheese and milk which are 100% vegan to soy sauce , infant cereal meals , fermented bean paste amongst others .

soya beans nutritional value.
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By now, you know me ! And if you are new here , hello and welcome that I do not stress myself when it comes to cooking. I always go for easy way.

So today I will be sharing with you this easy method of making soy cheese with pictorials.

Basically it’s just soy milk acidified , I believe the scientific name for this reaction is Polymerization. Do correct me if I am wrong in the comment section’

PS~ I substituted potash with vinegar as that was what was available.

To make soy cheese, you will need;

✨Soya beans



✨Muslin cloth


For this serving I used two cups of soy beans , which i picked to remove stones and debris before soaking .

Soak over night ✨

When it’s soft enough, (you know this because you can crush it between your fingers and the skin peels away easily), rinse and remove as much peel as you can then blend with enough water into a smooth paste and filter using a muslin cloth

Make sure you get all the milk out .. squeeze but not so much so you don’t break the cloth.

Boil , and stir until you see the milk rise. Turn the heat off and add in your vinegar. It gets tricky here because you do not want to put too much as it would affect its taste . For two cups of soya beans you can start with 1/3cup of vinegar, add gradually until you see curds forming . As an African child I just go with my instinct 😌.

Note: Before adding in vinegar, you could keep a cup of soy milk to enjoy later.

Curds forming ✨

Pour curd into Muslin or cheese cloth if you have one to separate the curd from the water .From this point because so you don’t get scalded by the heat or hot water.

Tie cloth and place on a rack to allow any remaining water drain . To make the process faster I place a rack on a pot and fix something heavy on the cloth, to add more weight .

When there is no more water dripping . Lose cloth and slice your cheese .

You can store by keeping it refrigerated in an airtight container .


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