Life talks

You can do better ✨✨

Some weeks back I was given an assignment by my online photography tutor .

The assignment was to Come up with a concept and no editing.

Let me take you back a bit , phone photography does all the work for you , so most times I focus on the light and Angles. I rarely edit pictures taken with my phone.

This made me confident, as I have just gotten accustomed with how to balance the light and focus of my digital camera 📷. lol

I arranged my background, prepped everything and went to work ..😌

After a few shots, i took a bathroom break then viewed the shots I had taken , lo and behold it was all “beautiful nonsense”.

With high spirit , I went back to shooting and still wasn’t getting the desired result. I had a mini mental breakdown and felt like crying but I decided to try again . After an hour and few minutes I got only one good shot .

This one good shot I submitted was awarded “you can do better”.

Honestly, I felt a little proud 🥲 because it was the first time I didn’t get corrected on the lights, positions, etc .

Which motivated me to try more shots.

I got a cardboard to pen down my progress as I have always done .

And enjoyed a cup of coffee.

So, when you are trying something new. Remember you can always do better. It may seem difficult but you will get better 🦋✨.

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