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The Empty Cup Theory.

Hi y’all 🙋🏽‍♀️,

How are you today? I pray you all good health, mind and soul ✨

The biggleman’s theory was the previous theory discussed on the blog and you can check it out THE BIGGLEMAN’S SAFE THEORY.

🦋The empty cup is a theory , turned metaphor,conversation starter , which also has a few different meanings and point of views or perspectives.

Photo credit: that_Idoma_geh.

Perspective 1

The empty cup cannot fill others.

Everyday, we pour bits or large quantities of ourselves into others and the world at large, we pour out love , care, good vibes,spiritual blessings such as prayers and blessings. So there will come a time you can become empty, if you do not constantly refill.

Refilling here, relates to self care , having others who fill you too.

As you fill others , keep some for yourself.

As you fill others, have your own source to refill. As a Christian, Jesus Christ is our “filling station ⛽️”, we also need humans who can fill us with the right healthy things 🔖.

Photo credit: that_Idoma_geh .

Perspective 2

The empty cup , needs filling .

You can’t pour from an empty cup

-unknown .

This is quite a popular quote which means you cannot give out what you don’t have.

You cannot help others without the rightful resources.

You cannot give out love when you are empty on love.

Henceforth, what you want to give out or pour into others . You need to refill .

As stated earlier, you need a reliable source to refill. An engine that runs on diesel can never function with sunflower oil 🙃.

If you do not have what it takes to refill a person or others , that’s ok . We all have a different purpose and yours might be to help them get a source to refill from.

Refill others with goodness and let your source be legit ✨🦋

Do not refill others with hate, and poisonous items.

Photo credit: that_Idoma_geh , bookmark 🔖:that_Idoma_geh

Perspective 3

You need to be an empty cup sometimes.

You do not always carry the right things in you.

You have to empty , rid yourself of unhealthy habits, lifestyles, words and vibes. To fill up with healthy habits, lifestyles, words and vibes.

You have to be willing to learn, to be taught.

You have to be ready to accept love , care and happiness.

Empty yourself and refill yourself with goodness. ✨

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