Life talks

Not ready for the outside

“The outside” a phrase from the movie home starring Rihanna and Jim parson .

A very relatable meme

These days I feel like curling up into a ball . Be it the hot weather or the major life change I haven’t figured it out yet .

So my mum asked me to get her bread from the bakery.

As I stepped outside , menh.

I felt all kinds of emotions at once.

I wasn’t ready for the noise, the busy roads , and little chit chats .

In summary, THE OUTSIDE

The stores was relatively well organized, with different types of bread aligned on its steel shelves .

On a good day such place was heaven to me 🦋🦋.

The cashier’s didn’t help as she fixed her gaze on me as I tried to navigate the shelves to pick the loaves I was sent to get .

I was sweating in a well ventilated place.

As she packed the bread, I couldn’t help but notice and stare at her poorly fixed synthetic eye lashes I like to call them latches.. she noticed and stared back .. lol

I paid her and as I left On getting back my mum realized I didn’t get the quantity I she asked me to get and I had to go back .

On returning the cashier sensed I was anxious and was a bit nicer which made me relaxed .

The feeling of anxiousness is not new to me but this type is new . As I avoid phone calls and long conversations because most resonate around what you should or be doing with your life next .

I also use this medium to apologize for every missed calls , I would return them when I can ✨🪴.

Thank you.

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