Write ups/ Poetry

Broken wing.

My favorite part of the house is around the flowers. I find all sort of things there , bees, dragon flies, small birds ,butterflies and occasionally bird or lizard eggs 🥚.

Today I found a wing . It excited me a bit but sent a wave a brief sadness through me .

Must have belongs to a butterfly 🦋. It was broken and looked tired .

I wondered what happened to the insect as I didn’t find the rest of it .

May be a lizard had it for lunch or brunch.

Maybe it died of natural causes .

It made me reflect how we do not always have things forever.

Nothing last forever they say .

Enjoy life while you have it .

Know that nothing last forever,

Vanity upon vanity they say 🦋.

As a Christian I reflect upon how God is the only standard + unchanging thing in the world as He is not of the world .

While you chasing life , enjoy it before it beauty departs from you ✨.

Check out this old post on Vanity by Stephen 🦋.

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