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The bigger person

Hi guys ,

Was having a discussion on this topic with my cousin and I enjoy such moments with them .

The true meaning of “be the bigger person” have been lost as many people believe they have to keep quiet or accept whatever comes to them in a situation to prove they are the “bigger person”

To be the bigger person means to do the right thing even if the other party acts the opposite way. To stay focused on a goal ignoring the other parties bad behavior, pettiness or lack of understanding.

Which might be to talk to them politely expressing yourself, addressing a certain issue or plainly apologizing if you are wrong.

Personally I have apologized in situations I wasn’t supposed to why? “ for peace to reign to be the “bigger person” but I was still hurt .

However, we can’t escape getting hurt , but we can avoid hurting ourselves by expressing our feelings ( this might be difficult, I dread confronting issues), but that’s the only was out .

Acting the bigger person role but hurting inside is hypocrisy and it breeds more anger. This makes your apologies worthless as they are not genuine.

It is the foundation for fake or peripheral relationships.

To be the bigger person is to do the right thing not ignore your genuine feeling.

You can express yourself and still let go.

Remember to protect yourself and mental health .

1 thought on “The bigger person”

  1. This should actually be the real meaning of bigger person but our dear society define it differently, in our society today: bigger person is someone with ill gotten materialistic things.

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