Life talks

Don’t give up yet?

Hello ,

How are you all doing?

I do hope you are doing fine .

There is a popular saying of unknown source that says

Na who give up

Fuck up

Unknown .

So to say , the one who gave up ; messed it all up .

My sister, was coming back home for the summer break and I felt I should make her something with my hands , after having a mental dialogue with myself , I made her some hand made cards which I drew flowers and bees on and a cake .

The cake …. (this will be a short story and a rant )


1.Whilst baking half got burnt, I encouraged myself that something could still be salvaged if I trimmed off the burned part .

I didn’t give up yet

2. It cooled down and as I applied the first layer of icing. LOL! I realized , it wasn’t well leveled , the icing refused to stick and kept falling ( I woke up this morning and it occurred to me I didn’t trim the sides properly )

Still haven’t given up

3. I waited for it to dry and applied another layer, which kind off worsened the situation a bit because the white icing got stained. Now I have to make another icing because I wanted a white cake .

I was about to give up . Had a mini mental breakdown which isn’t new to me anymore 😑.

4. I picked up the spatula because time was against me as had to get her from the airport .

Different ideas starting flowing ( I am going to say its from the Holy Spirit and a sprinkle of common sense 😌). I even out the level with some icing sugar and piped on the rest to get something close to what I wanted.

5. After about two hours . I got it done, not as I wanted but it was done .

Idomageh whispers

There are times you are doing just fine, but because it ain’t meeting your expectations you feel as if you’ve failed .

I am not asking you to lower your expectations in all circumstances but let God lead you, also have a reality check from time to time .

Remember before giving up give it one more try,

AND also


This topic will be shared shortly .

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