Life talks

Know when to give up.

The concept of giving up is not one that should be supported or promoted 100%.

And based on the fact that life is not a one way road, there are different perks and factors in each and every life out there .

So telling you, you should give up when it’s color white or black is wrong and not a topic with definite answers.

So asking a few people on their point of view, a summary was drawn ;

Note the following:

  1. When the disadvantages is more than the advantage
  2. When you know that your “given-up” would not affect your future or rob you of something tangible in the future.
  3. When “your given-up” is not a sin against God and humanity.
  4. When your “staying put” will just be to impress people.
  5. Finally, when you are sure, you have put-in your very best…..!
  6. I’ve tried my best, and I am not really making any difference, after ample time, still no progress I’d give up
  7. To keep my image or character intact in a circumstance that may ruin my reputation.

Do send an email or comment below, How do you know it’s the right time to give up .

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