Tea time .1

Hi y’all,

I hope you are all doing great .

Below I am just going to share a tea combo that you might come to love .

Sometimes, I am not in the mode for instant tea or black tea so, I have perfected certain combinations over time.

So, below is one of it.

I haven’t named it yet.. why don’t you help me😀. I am open to suggestions. Comment in the comment section or send me an email @

You will need;

Hibiscus 🌺




P.S: if you want to enjoy its flavors leave at this with sugar or honey to taste .

If you want it savory you can add in some mints , if

If you want it spicy , throw in some ginger and black pepper ✨.

The trick is how you boil it . For future company policy I can’t tell you the temperature at which the tea is prepared but I advice you boil slowly over low heat😉.

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