Life talks

It’s not just art.

Good morning,

It’s is an amazing morning here!🌧 ☔️.

As an elder sister, my siblings always seeking validation from me is not something I am new to.

The books they write, the poetry and arts. They always want to know what I think about them. (Having 4 and counting creatives in same house can be tiring sometimes but it’s worth it ) Trying to make them understand that what I think shouldn’t bother them hasn’t really worked.

So, I try to be as positive as I can be.

Because I can relate

I remember when I was younger some 4-5 years back, I could only write from a dark place, I get inspired ,find the words, the motivation when I was sad or depressed and someone I knew (we weren’t friends or acquaintances) told me, channel your positive thoughts too. You can do it .

I started and they didn’t really come together . I wasn’t surprised but the feedback I got weren’t all negative neither were they encouraging as some people laughed at them and certain people saw it as a nuisance (what are you writing they said, it doesn’t make sense, you have come again,just stop). To a point I agree but i didn’t stop.

Talking to a professional

My mum has a B.A in English language so I asked some questions and she gave me a lecture on SYNTAX and letting it flow sometimes, let it come as it wants .

It changed my life. She gave me a story book I made from my childhood. It gave me strength. She believed in me to keep that book for so long 🙃🦋.

I always say , I still enjoy reading more ✨

So I say to my siblings ;

Well done ,

You are doing well in your art .

You have the talent , remember practice makes better .

Your art doesn’t have to be like everybody else’s. Develop yours .

The fish lover 🐠

So again when he Shows me fish after fish ☺️, I see his fishes 😁 and say to myself , he might have an art gallery in the future focusing on fishes 🐟 🐠.

An art project .

These are the few I was allowed to share .

Always respect an art work no matter what it looks like or where it’s from.

Whenever you share an art work or content do give them credit and state the source .


it’s not just art

Be kind .

Be a pillar 🧱

Not a caterpillar 🐛

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