Gist corner

Pay me my money …

Pay me my money ,

Pay me my money ,

Out of curiosity I followed the source of this disturbing request .


She looked 5ft2”, in her purple box braids, with eye lashes flapping as she blinked , I like to refer to such artificial lashes as latches . in her blue and white stripped spaghetti bandage dress with two slits at each sides and a worn out golden jacket , looking at the dress quality it looks like a bend down select shopped “sexy dress”


She cried out as she followed a young man ,give me my money she repeated .

I decided to observe from a distance and he barked back at her “which money ?”.

This little drama caused a scene and attracted a few “peace makers” who tried to settle the situation .

Wetin happen ? A middle aged man asked,

This man, she screamed , and I suspected she screamed in order to get the attention of other passerby’s, this man picked me from the road yesterday and he no gree pay me my money , He slept with me without using protection! I did everything he asked me to do . And now he is refusing to pay me my money . At this point she was in tears .

It was then I understood what was happening, another young man picking a prostitute and refusing to pay after the work is done.

The middle aged man, didn’t look baffled at all, how much be your money he asked .

Two thousand naira (approximately $4), she replied . My money na 2k and this bastard no wan pay me.

At this point she removed her slippers and clapped them at the young man who was oblivious to the whole drama .

I no buy you food yesterday? I buy you drink too abi I no buy. Which money you want again , abeg get out ,

Image from istock

This infuriated her the more and she wooed and shamed him . Because you buy me food , abeg pay me my money useless man .

I got bored and disturbed by the whole event as I was getting a bit emotional too, and was about to leave but I stayed back to watch for the sake of this post !

Another man joined in and ask the young man to pay her, a deal was a deal . He should keep to his own side of his bargain .

He came up with different excuses, the one I found interesting was that he lost his card ..

It became obvious to everyone that this young man wasn’t going to pay or didn’t have any money . He was doing this too because she can’t report to the police as prostitution is illegal in Nigeria.

To let peace reign and tranquility return to the area someone else gave her the 2k.

Pondering on this whole drama made me ask myself,

1. Why have sex with a stranger or anyone else without protection? STDs ARE REAL STAY PROTECTED , USE PROTECTION BEST OPTION ABSTINENCE

2. Why prostitution? This I couldn’t still find answers too , life struggles? Greed? Poverty? The need to make quick money?Life throws lemons and how others decide to make lemonades is not anyone’s business but stay safe

3. Why attack and prey on the weak? Why use people?ITS HUMAN NATURE I GUESS ?

4. If you have a provider , be grateful to them .

5. If you know God, be grateful.

6. Why not just help women without expecting sex in return ? this I still couldn’t think of a proper answer..

Spread kindness ✨

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