Write ups/ Poetry

A gift from life

Life helps us move on if we let it .

Time heals all things they say .

Only when you let it heal you .

This week, I have discussed , meditated and have received from a number of people on how we should let others help us .

Let life help you ,

Let God help you .

And it reminded me of this piece by Rupi kaur .

milk 🥛 and honey 🍯 by Rupi kaur..

Because wether you like it or not life goes on and that is a gift ✨✨.

Video was shot by my baby brother, instead of using my tripod and doing it myself. I let him help me .

Pretty impressed with the outcome and I was happy I allowed him try 🦋..

Spread kindness.

Make someone feel useful 🦋✨..

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