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Do not only be sorry; Be better ✨

It’s been a minute y’all ,

How is you ? Hope you good !

Yesterday, I boarded a taxi 🚕, I was directed to it by an area boy (area boys are thugs that make side money by helping taxi drivers tell their destination at a fixed price. They also give “permission” to the taxi driver to stay on that street ).

While I waited for other passengers to arrive, a lady passed by and asked , where una dey go (where are you going).

There was no reply from the driver and I felt he was a rude man , maybe he didn’t reply because he already paid the thugs to shout.

However, whilst still evaluating the situation , others boarded and we took off . As the we went on he spoke for the first time to the front passenger and that was when we all knew he was partially deaf 🧏‍♂️and couldn’t speak.

Instantly I dealt sorry and guilty . Tho I didn’t share my thoughts out loud earlier which I am so grateful for . I still felt guilt because I had judged him wrongly.

I had already profiled him to be a rude mean person without knowing him and judging him based on circumstances.

He was a jovial person, pointed funny things to us that happened in traffic 😂(like a police man chasing an okada 🏍 guy), he could read and write English and I on my part didn’t know sign language 🥲.

But somehow we communicated, as I was the last passenger to get off and he dropped me at a very good location without charging extra .

We bid farewell and I meditated on how judgmental I was earlier … instead of feeling sorry and doing nothing about it .

I decided to do better , be better .


Spread kindness ✨

Be kind ✨

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