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The God behind the cloud ⛅️ ☁️

The God behind the cloud ⛅️

For she remembered in a sermon

The priest all dressed in white , his finger pointing to heaven , the veins on his temple pulsating ,

Look to hills from whence cometh your help .

She looked to the hills and she found no help , she found nothing but floating clouds ☁️.

The same hill she and her 16 siblings break into tiny bits for the man in the limo for meagre pay .

Look to the hills indeed she scoffed , the hills she constantly chip with this pick axe in hand!

What help could come from it , for if God exist her father would also drive a limo she whispered to herself .

For the man in the limo wears very shiny suits and spectacles that might reflect her future and a wrist watch that could tell what fate awaits her .

Fate , she sighed! What fate awaits her?she already knew , it was an open secret . You see , when her father gets tired living in penury he gives up one of them , just like an auction . I have a daughter ready for marriage , I do not need much for the bride price just a cow,chicken ,sugar,salt and some rice or he tells other men who come in limos and shiny cars I have boys strong enough to carry a horse . How does she know this? 4 of her elder siblings have been given up in this very manner , 3 of her elder sisters married off and her brother was sent to the big city .

Clink clink clink , her , her siblings and children of the same age chip and break stones for the man in the limo .

He is a bit generous for he buys them bread sometimes compare to the other masters and give them sugar water . Children need strength for good work he will say. So they eat bread and drink sugar water.

What if I seduce the man in the limo she said to her friend as they sip sugar water shooing away the flies who want their share of this sugar treat , the priest said look unto the hills he didn’t specify which one she said to her friend again .

Have you gone mad ? Her friend replied . These men like girls with big bosoms and behinds. They do not like girls who break rocks, eat bread and giggle over sugar water . They like girls with colorful eye lids and lips red like blood , girls with long colored nails and not chipped nails, girls who giggle over classy drinks like fanta. Again you are just 15, what do you know about seducing a big man in a limo ?

You never know friend , I might just try my luck one day before my father auctions me . Back to work , echoed round about the site as the coordinator barked , a one eyed middle aged man who walked as god about them and become a humble servant at the sight of the man in the limo.

On this blessed day, as she resumed breaking rocks, she struck some yellowed colored dust , it glisten in the sun and she knew ! with no one looking she borrowed the rock .

Quietly placing the rock in her waist bag , I will return your stone master when I have removed my gift for indeed, the priest was right .

I will look unto the hills from when cometh my help . My help cometh from the Lord . He is behind the clouds up on this mountain . ☁️

Follow her to know what happens next …

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