Life talks, Write ups/ Poetry


📸Photo credit :that_Idoma-geh

Let go of the scrap


In my lifetime on earth 🌏

I have been broken into tiny bits

Lost part of myself;



unknowingly and some parts

Stolen .

Some I lent out and was returned.

How was it returned?

Broken , used , hmm most times damaged .


You see ba, no matter how big a mountain is , the more it is continuously broken down into bits to be processed , one day one day e go finish .

This is the story of my life so far .

So I console myself,

I gather the pieces I have left ,

I console myself again and call them vintage instead,

I try to patch up the pieces back

And my creator watches me in pity!

I have suffered in this endless cycle until I learnt ,

My friend , I came to understand the parts of me I wanted to cover ,

The new parts I try to revamp to the old me were a replacement.

It was compensation from my creator.

I let go of the scrap! I stopped patching up my life .

And then I saw the beauty in chaos .

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