A birthing chair, also known as a birth chair, is a device that is shaped to assist a woman in the physiological upright posture during childbirth. It is intended to provide balance and support.

Motherhood, planned or not is a life changing event.

From the time of conception, to that suspicious missed period.

The confirmation of her new life , which might bring mixed feelings.

Be her ready or not.The decision on what to do rest on her shoulders. Does it ?

Having a new life is not a decision many get to make and it’s not an opportunity some get to have.

It’s unsettling how these new lives , small as mustard seeds create so much debate in the world and is now centered in politics .. but that’s not my focus for today.

The courageous woman prepares herself for this journey?

Does this mean a mum making the opposite decision is weak? This I still ask myself ..

Through the stages of pregnancy and it’s perks

New life is finally brought into this world and she is now a mom.

She sits on that chair and pass through life and death to bring new life

She brings new life through sweat and blood

The umbilical cord connecting her and her new born is cut . But the connections of the heart remains forever

A mother is irreplaceable, a mother will love till the end of her days.

A mother is a survivor

But again a mother doesn’t have to sit on the birthing chair to be a mother

A mother most of all is someone who nurtures

A mother is one who loves ,

Who protects

A friend and sister

A mother is the one who prays for you even when you are far away

A mother is not made by sitting on a birthing, chair,

A mother is made by how she handles her babies ..

These are the thoughts that crossed my mind as I was on about my Hospital shift, as I saw this birthing chair outside the obstetrics ward.

Nothing can ever beat the love of a mother they say .

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