Why your couchie smells like fish 🐠..

First of all ; Couchie is a slang term for Vagina. This is a fragile but important topic that we need not to shy away from. Vaginal hygiene is as important as dental or general body hygiene. So today I want to tell you about this fragile and sensitive topic . Be it the couchie… Continue reading Why your couchie smells like fish 🐠..

Life talks

Just a little love

Just a little love. A small act of kindness It is like watering a dying plant A bright smile can brighten another’s day A little act of kindness like bringing a cup of coffee ☕️ for someone A honest compliment A little motivational note A short phone call to let them know someone cares Just… Continue reading Just a little love

Write ups/ Poetry

The White Rose flower

It’s the first for me. As a Nigerian geh (girl). Getting flowers is strange and weird. But I got a Rose flower . For the first time . You guessed right, I didn’t know how to react or what to say . So I said Thank you. Weird I know, A white rose flowers conveys… Continue reading The White Rose flower

Write ups/ Poetry

Fading Away 💔🖤..

There are times we all go through hard times , and for some of us penning or typing down words is the only escape we have. Here is a piece by Karim . 💔FADING AWAY💔 Just as we become so strong,I feel it fading away,I feel the laughter fading,The jokes and smiles lessen each day,I… Continue reading Fading Away 💔🖤..

Life talks

Changing Old habit .

Change they say is the only constant thing in life . Habits are routines or things done continuously which tend to occur over time subconsciously. We have all formed certain habits intentionally or not . Some good and productive, others not so much . And sometimes these habits have a negative impact on us or… Continue reading Changing Old habit .

Write ups/ Poetry

Let me teach you how to love me

Let me teach you how to love me No one can teach you that Let me teach you how to love me Love me,my angels and demons Love my night and days Love the days my sun and moon eclipse Love my scars Cause darling best believe I am not always beautiful Love my shadows… Continue reading Let me teach you how to love me

Life talks

What’s your excuse for Negligence?

Negligence[ˈnɛɡlɪdʒ(ə)ns]NOUNfailure to take proper care over something. Taking proper care of things is what is expected of a responsible person. A few days ago I saw my neighbor's plant, and felt disappointed at the sight of it because they were dying . When I asked why proper care is not been given to the plant,… Continue reading What’s your excuse for Negligence?