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I am that_idomageh, I love reading books, coffee, plants and nature. I look at life from every perspective visible to me. I am a medical doctor, I aspire not only to help heal bodies but boost self confidence and inspire personal growth.

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River Nile

I fell in love with this place First it was scary but a beautiful sight to behold For long she was close to me but

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Gator strips

Alligator 🐊 meat is somewhat not available in the region I live in Nigeria. It has to be sent from my state of origin and

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Cup of tea

Look world , I finally did it . Look world, You said it be better like this. Look world , Are you happy now? Look

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Hibiscus spice tea

This all natural tea is one of the many tea combinations I learnt from my mum . Shh 🤫 don’t tell her I am sharing

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