Hello reader, hope you are well ☀️. If you are feeling a bit down, unhappy or downcast, just remember there is someone , somewhere praying for you and also wishing you well.

These are hard times and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it.

What ever it is you are going through you will rise above it all.

Whatever failure you might have experienced you will rise above it .

Like the Japanese saying . If you fall seven times,you stand up eight .

Do not give up .Remember when the going gets tougher, the tougher gets going.

This post is to encourage you and remind you that you are not alone .

To remind you that the best thing about been at the bottom is that the only way out is up !

So don’t give up, be strong 💪🏼, be of good courage ☀️. Just like this plant I have been noticing . You will “bud”again .

Have a great weekend 🦋💗.

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