Hi guys, I really hope y’all are doing just fine.. This post I will be sharing was supposed to be posted about two months ago but I forgot to take pictures of certain steps so I had to wait until I prepared it again ..

Sorry for the delay, to my dear reader who requested for this recipe . Thank you for waiting patiently 🦋.

.. Anyways to make today’s brownies, I had to get groceries and as usual I made a shopping list .

I live alone so my list is pretty small ..

I got my avocado. Trying to pick the best one is something I am still learning .

The avocado 🥑 is a berry, containing one single large seed.To view it’s nutritional value READ HERE.

Psst, the avocado is a fruit not a vegetable 😉.

The good thing about this recipe ,is that you don’t really need butter or oil as the avocado makes up for it . You can still add a bit if you want to.

Finally picked this beauty


Ingredients can be adjusted accordingly. These measurements below are for 2servings .

Medium size Avocado 🥑

1.5 Cup Cocoa powder

1 Cup Sugar

2 pinch 🤏 of Salt 🧂

1 Egg

Butter (optional)

Vanilla flavor, Baking powder


First wash and open your avocado,mash it or blend it, just make sure you arrive at a paste like consistency. I used my hand blender for this .

Next you turn into a bowl and add your other ingredients. Egg, milk, vanilla, baking powder, cocoa powder .

Now, if you would want yours to be a less chewy you can add in a tablespoon of all purpose flour .

Bake for 20-30mins .


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Tomorrow I will be posting another recipe, also requested by a reader.

Lastly, the jump to recipe button will be added as soon as I figure it out 🥲. (I listen to my people).

Send in your requests and I will see to it as soon as I can 🦋🦋

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