Breast cancer

Breast cancer

October is a month dedicated to the awareness of breast cancer , so we at Idomagehmedlet wish and pray you all wellness.

Breast cancer is cancer that form in the cells of breast . It’s more common among Females than males.

Signs of breast cancer

Lump or lumps in the breast

Nipple discharge


Breast or Nipple pain

Nipple inversion

Redness around the breast

Swelling around the breast

Changes to the skin texture.

Causes of breast cancer /Risk factors

Family history of breast cancer

Family history of ovarian cancer

Late childbearing , Early Menstruation ,

Late Menopause , Smoking , Alcohol , Long term use of Oral contraceptive pill.

How to prevent /Detect the signs early

Monthly breast examination,”male partners should also take note when certain changes are observed on the breast”

Stop smoking , Reduce /stop alcohol intake .

Visit the gynecologist for advise before long term use of oral contraceptives pills if you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer

Keep weight in check, be active , eat healthy .

The older you get the more medical check ups you should get .


Having breast Cancer is not a death sentence , it is TREATABLE.

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