Bride price 1

Bride price is an amount of money or property or social title paid by the groom or/and his family to the family of the bride.

The bride price is very important in most African traditions as it is symbolic and validates a traditional marriage. It is also a criteria that should be meet in oder to get married in a church or civil ceremony .A marriage in which no bride price was paid is considered invalid .

In other to avoid having an invalid marriage which bring about mockery from the society bride price are paid either in full , installments or later after the marriage with an agreed payment plan or after an agreed period of time.

What can be used for payment ? Before the arrival of technology and legal tenders,brought by the colonial masters and foreigners to africa items such as farm produce, livestock, jewelries, crafted mats, chairs amongst others were used for payment . On some occasions the father of the bride might request for a community title which the groom will have to buy for him.

Now in this present time and age , bride price is taking a surprising turn with some families been accused of using it as a poverty elevation scheme…..

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