The price of Bride price is taking a surprising turn as certain families are been accused of using it as a poverty elevation scheme for the prices are exorbitant, and most times ludicrous.

Certain factors also affect the price of bride price. Reasons might be if she is educated, schooled abroad, A young lady, Beautiful lady with long hair, Tall, Chubby, the first daughter in the family, the only daughter in the family amongst others.

Every now and then, we hear stories from lamenting men and groom’s family on what they were asked to pay for the bride price. Their stories are sometimes unbelievable until they present you THE LIST. The list is a list made by the bride’s family listing everything that the groom and/or his family would have to do, buy or pay for. Such lists are made by the bride’s family to make communication easier, assist the groom and his family when meeting the requirements so as not to forget, furthermore it makes reviewing the bride price easier should incase more items need to be added or removed.

This story is a true story about a certain young man which I have diluted with bits of fiction to ease the tension ✨.Everything on the list is true no fiction added.

Looking at the list he was handed, by his soon to be father in law, Mr. Noah a primary school teacher read through it for the hundredth time not believing his eyes. kena his long time girlfriend for they have been together for six years whom he proposed to a month ago. The love of his life was worth more than this, yes he agreed but that doesn’t change the thoughtlessness of her family when preparing this list. Sighing deeply lost in thoughts, He wondered if this was a way of kena’s family telling him he wasn’t fit to be her husband. For he was just a teacher and it would take forever for him and his family to meet every demand on that list.

Bringing him back to reality was the sound of the birds signing, o how he envied them. They could just build a nest, find a mating partner, live together, have children while signing melodies and flying high in the sky. Digging his feet into his rug he read the list one more time

  • For bride family=$15000
  • Gift for male family members= 7 latest iPhones
  • Gift for female family members= Gold jewelries and fabric imported from India
  • Gift for father= A MacBook and three adult Ankole-watusi cows
  • Gift for mother= $100 [this gift is to the mother for breastfeeding the bride while young] and more gold jewelries.
  • Details and expenses of the wedding ceremony will be discussed when all these are provided.

He stared in disbelief and tried to imagine what the wedding ceremony list might entail and this his brain did not permit. Picking up his Nokia Asha 303 he chuckled to himself repeating 7 latest iPhones as he called kena, Hello? her voice which brought him great joy and hope now made him despondent as he told her words he never though he would say. I am sorry kena, I cannot afford to pay your bride price, for I am a man of great dignity and would not marry a wife on credit or bargain a bride price, We also do not have time to wait because it will take me many years to get enough money for this and I will not want to live in debt with you. Take care and have a good life. He ended the call abruptly not waiting for a reply for he feared she might cry and make things more difficult. This is the reason why there are legions of old bachelors he screamed and he sulked all through the day.


  1. What do you think about this list?
  2. Do you think Noah did the right thing by breaking the engagement?
  3. How much do you think is too much for bride price.
  4. Do you think if Noah could afford the list he would not have complained?

Pick which you want to answer or answer all in the comment box below or share this post with your friends and discuss. I would be posting the last part of this series later in the evening make sure you return. You do not want to miss this.

Here are a few other lists I found on the internet.

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Sourced from Esthitude place
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