A happy Father’s Day to our fathers.

Sometime last week, I was asked to assist in a surgery, I was quite unsure if I could handle it but I was encouraged by the consultant of my department to put on my apron and scrub.

In the end, I was grateful for that encouragement because I learned what I wouldn’t have learned if I stood and watched.

While waiting in the waiting area, the 12-year-old girl about to be operated on, requested her father be with her and hold her hands before she is wheeled in.

To the father figures in our lives who keep pushing us to be better, we say thank you.

To our fathers who have held our hands, supported our spines, and walked with us every step of the way, we say thank you.

To the ones who provide for us before providing for themselves.

May you reap your reward on earth and in heaven.

Thank you 💕✨🦋.

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