Rejection of a proposal or idea.

~ People will reject what they don't understand

Rejecting what you don’t understand is basic human logic. It helps us deal with new ideas cautiously.

It becomes a problem when one refuses to understand or “update” thier knowledge.

Nothing is new under the sun it is said , but there will always be something new to us at one point or another in our lives.

There will always be a new way of doing things, a different point of view or perspective to things and life.

Therefore we have to learn to fully understand before making decisions to reject or refuse new information.

A perfect illustration of this is a snack, my travel companion and I enjoyed on a road trip from Osun state Nigeria.

Dodo Ikire is a plantain snack from the ikire kingdom of osun state.It is made from mashed overripe plantain, mixed with onion and spices, which is then deep fried in palm oil.

Ikire Kingdom Osun State Nigeria.

It looks off, and uninviting to a stranger, but tasting it, it is chewy with a burst of sweet and charred flavor.


Dodo Ikire

I have personally rejected it on a few occasions until i was convinced to give it a try.

Posted about it on other social media outlet of mine and the reactions were mixed! That of confusion, curiosity and mostly repudiation  that this can’t be a delicious, safe snack based on its appearance.

I was able to convince a few and that lead to this post..

closer view


Do not write it off, until you fully understand.

Have a great and productive week.

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